615: Jessica Honegger, how to go scared

We  tackle the idea of...going scared. If you are waiting to NOT be scared, to not have fear, before proceeding in any direction, we have a gift for you. Go anyway. Because the “no fear” concept is basically a myth. The spoils go to those who have fear and just go forward anyway. Which brings us to our guest, Jessica Honegger who recently launched a book titled, “ IMPERFECT COURAGE: LIVE A LIFE OF PURPOSE BY LEAVING COMFORT AND GOING SCARED”. And she writes from experience. She is the founder of Noonday Collection, the largest fair-trade jewelry company in the world. She knows first hand about going big while being scared, which you’ll hear in the show. She was empowered by seeing women in some of the hardest conditions in impoverished nations...produce great works. From that her heart and perspective for others is...there is a World of need and you are the solution to the problems you see. So get off the couch and walk out your front door into the possibilities. As a female founder and co-CEO of a big company, we also get into the topic of women and what they deal with in the workplace and combating the very real issue of the Woman's place being in the home. It was a candid, fun and enlightening talk. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

by Self-Help(ful)