591: Ed DeCosta on killing self-limiting gremlins

Let’s talk about getting you to your full potential. Literally our topics in this show are dealing with your inner critic, imaginary obstacles and self limiting beliefs. The real culprits between our desires and actually taking action towards them...are generally those three “gremlins” as our guest would say. That guest is Ed DeCosta, an author and executive coach. He works with C level executives, giving them a safe place to talk about their...gremlins. The fears and insecurities and limiting issues in their own psyche. This gives him profound insights into real life issues that hold people, even those top performers, back. It’s incredibly eye opening folks. A bit more about Ed...Ed DeCosta is author of ‘Ascend’: A Coach’s Roadmap For Taking Your Performance To New Heights, and ‘Release Your Superhero’: How To Shed the Villains and Soar in Business and in Life. Ed is also President of Catalyst Associates LLC, an executive coaching and management consulting firm. Ed’s focus is to help clients become more effective leaders, enabling them to meet their personal and business objectives. Clients range from small entrepreneurial ventures to Fortune 500 corporations. In his corporate life, Ed managed worldwide sales and marketing teams and opened offices on three continents. He is presently working as a partner with best-selling author and leadership guru John C. Maxwell, serving as one of the faculty members in the Maxwell Leadership Development Program. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

by Self-Help(ful)