583: Larry North - follow your own rules

Sometimes we go into business for ourselves because we have a unique product or service we want to bring to market. Sometimes we just find immense difficulty in working for others. In either case, we find ourselves in a place were we get to, or must…make up the rules. That’s much of our focus in today’s show.Larry North is a TX boy and a fan and friend of Ziglar who has spoken at Ziglar HQ multiple times. Larry started his first business at age 20, and it’s not a simple story, which is just the kind we love to hear most. Larry was told he’d never be able to land a top career position, and that his personality was unmanageable. So as you heard in the intro, he realized to have a great career he’d have to own his own business and follow his own rules.  Larry had a vision and faith, but no tangible resources. But he started the first of what became many health clubs. He also had a media career started shortly after that by arriving on talk radio where he performed for over 25 years. Shortly after that his best selling infomercial became one of the most popular weight loss infomercials ever. Three books, a chain of health clubs, and thousands of TV appearances and live presentations here and abroad have turned Larry North into a household name in fitness, weight loss, and health. He continues to spread his motivational messages and wisdom to dozens of fortune 500 companies and just about anyone who will listen. We had a great conversation on some nitty gritty issues regarding his personal progress. I found it really interesting that he’s in the health club business, he spends most of his time around people trying to make some of the hardest progress there is...with our bodies. Losing weight and gaining muscle take commitment. There’s probably not a more volatile industry out there. A constant stream of successes and failures. You’ll get much from this. You can check out more about Larry at www.larrynorthfitness.com  Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy

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