567: Eben Pagan - How to harness opportunity

We are talking about opportunity and having a conversation with Eben Pagan who just launched his new book, called…’Opportunity’! Eben Pagan is a guy I (Kevin) met twenty years ago amidst a new real estate marketing program. He was innovating then, and he still is today. He’s an entrepreneur and investor who has built over ten different online brands and businesses to the million dollar level. His businesses are all 100% virtual, with no office - for over 15 years now. Eben and his family spend more than six months per year traveling, and living the “virtual lifestyle.” In his new book, OPPORTUNITY, Eben explains how opportunity is changing, why it is increasing for all of us, and how to find and create more high quality opportunities for yourself and your business. The book is about how to find and create opportunities in your business and your life. It summarizes twenty years of mindsets, models, and methods for dealing with the explosion of opportunities that are coming our way in the future. Understanding opportunity is at the heart of succeeding as an entrepreneur. And Eben’s goal is to help people understand the nature of opportunity, so they can find, create and take advantage of a lot more of it in their lives. It was a great conversation and of course we started off by getting some of Eben’s background, including his hippie parents and living in poverty that motivated him to do more. The book just launched 4 days ago as of this podcast publishing date. Get it now, plus a bunch of add ons, at zigshow.com/eben Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

by Self-Help(ful)