559: Stretch your fear muscle - Habits with Stu McClaren

Behind the scenes with Stu McClaren, our guest for show 558 where we talked about building a tribe, but today we’re here for our Habits show, following the 7 spokes in the Ziglar Wheel of Life. Some highlights: He’s a soccer fan and is almost always playing on a team or two. Being active with his young kids is a big part of his physical fitness regime. He started eating better for his kid’s sake! He’s big on managing family time amongst the entrepreneurial lifestyle and is a staunch proponent of Rules and Boundaries. Mentally Stu puts a high level of importance on having confidence in ourselves. He believes fear is like a muscle and you must work it out, so he’s routinely looking for things to do that stretch his fear muscle. Financially he loves being an  entrepreneur where you can make an  unlimited amount of money and feels the more money we make the more impact we can have. He and his wife have built 11 schools in Kenya that on average serve 4-700 kids. Personally he just loves creating experiences and celebrating others. Connect with Stu at zigshow.com/tribe and check out his new launch that will help you grow and connect with your tribe! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

by Self-Help(ful)