527: Is your reality real? I think not.

Your reality. Is it real? Or is it only as you perceive it and can you alter it - right now? Are you limiting yourself and merely need a paradigm shift to dramatically catapult your life for the better in a short amount of time? This is a continuation of show 524 where we listened to a clip from Zig Ziglar on our true potential. If you missed it, go listen to show 524. Today, coming from the same message from Zig, I asked on my agentkmiller Facebook page, “Do you believe reality is in fact, real? That it is concrete and black and white? Or do you believe “reality” is what we make of it?” The Facebook comments really brought up some interesting perspectives about this. Michelle Prince and I take you through them in hopes of helping you alter what you perceive as your reality. I will tell you, it helped us further change our own beliefs! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

by Self-Help(ful)