Searching for Rachel Antonio

Earlier this year David Murray, an investigative journalist at The Courier-Mail and author of The Murder of Allison Baden-Clay, was contacted by the family of Rachel Antonio – a teenage girl who went missing in Queensland 18 years ago. She has never been found and her family is still desperate for answers. Murray gained access to material few others had seen and spoke to key people in the town the day Rachel disappeared that could hold the key to finally discovering the truth.

00:41:57 2016-12-18
18 years after Rachel Antonio's disappearance, there's some new information from someone who's never spoken and who wasn't called to the inquest. Can this man help Rachel's parents, Cheryl and Ian?   See for privacy informati...
00:35:54 2016-12-11
A trip to the local pool. Three mysterious phone calls. A man accused of withholding information. The clue that unlocks the entire case could be somewhere in these events.   See for privacy information.
00:30:33 2016-12-04
Rachel Antonio is seen walking along a road at 7pm, Anzac Day. About the same time, Robert Hytch leaves a party and  returns an hour later. What happened in the time he was away? That depends on who you ask.   See for privacy ...
00:42:53 2016-11-27
For a year before she vanished, Rachel Antonio kept a makeshift diary. It was filled with things her parents knew nothing about, documenting her claims of an intense relationship with a handsome older lifeguard, Robert Hytch.   See
00:35:48 2016-11-20
What happened to Rachel? And, after all this time, could there possibly be some new evidence out there waiting to be discovered?   See for privacy information.
00:00:31 2016-11-14
A new series from The Courier-Mail’s investigative journalist David Murray, who looks into the disappearance of Rachel Antonio – a teenage girl who went missing in Queensland 18 years ago.   See for privacy information.