Sean Conroy Gets Happier

Sean Conroy Gets Happier is a curious exploration of the art and science of happiness. As a comedian, Sean Conroy has spent his entire career trying to make other people happier. He's experienced everything from crackerjack, blockbuster, mega-hit success to incredible, amazing, life- changing success. In fact, the only person he hasn't managed to make happier is himself! Now he's trying to figure out how to turn his own frown upside down. Meditation, sugar, exercise, money, social media, comic books, friendships, romance, sports, hallucinogenics, role playing games, kale-- Sean talks to other comics about what makes them happy, and to experts about what might help him. Every week on the podcast, Sean Conroy Gets Happier.

01:18:41 2020-06-29
The light at the end of the merry-go-round stops by to tell Sean about working from home (the new "workscape"), comfortable couches, and how to survive a pandemic by pretending you live in the Cineramadome.
00:57:33 2020-06-24
Sean takes a trip into the past: a bus ride, staying up all night, an amusement and water park, another amusement and water park, the Champ, the Bounty Hunter, the President, a tram, and deep disappointment in the lobby (?) of a rest stop in Sou...
01:01:44 2020-06-15
Janet Varney gives Sean some helpful tips about why it's worthwhile to find gluten-free bakeries, the cost of vintage clothing in Copenhagen, and how easy it is to steal a somewhat offensive idea and create Disneyland.
00:47:10 2020-06-09
Jamie Kurtz joins Sean (without leaving her home!) to talk about the stress of travel, how a little knowledge of geology can enhance your experience of the Grand Canyon, why it's okay to watch basketball, and most importantly, not focusing on ha...
01:02:11 2020-06-01
Dave Holmes tells Sean about dealing with anxiety, running marathons, the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius, and the help he gets from two glasses of wine.
01:02:18 2020-05-25
Stephen Starkweather tells Sean about leaving the Navy, the FBI, a terrorism think tank, and a firearms company behind, in order to pursue the life of a humble thespian, because that's ultimately what he really wanted to do. 
01:01:42 2020-05-18
Comedian, musician, and life coach Greg Behrendt schools Sean on the difference between purpose and passion, how to live minus five instead of times ten, and why life is about letting go of the outcome and focussing on the process.
00:46:31 2020-05-11
Happiness consultant and author Laurie Warren treats Sean to some breathing snacks, tells him how to create new neurocircuitry in the brain, and tries (with little success) to convince him that the TSA is not out to get him personally. 
01:12:11 2020-05-04
Carl Tart graciously elucidates the wonders of Rotel dip for Sean, sees Tim Allen, plans a Jewish pizza outing, and gets back into the gym.
00:42:10 2020-04-27
Amy Wilson talks about having a family, gives tips on how to annoy a pregnant woman at a party, and explains why people from Spain might be happy even if they aren't smiling.
00:55:44 2020-04-20
Kulap Vilaysack extolls the virtues of martial arts, and talks to Sean about artificial Christmas trees, how she sometimes sounds like Kathleen Turner, and what it's like to clean out a horse hoof in Arizona.
00:54:00 2020-04-13
Tracy McCubbin explains emotional clutter blocks, how de-cluttering is like Crossfit, and why keeping a portrait of Zeus in your bathroom is good for a laugh at a dinner party.
00:44:39 2020-04-06
Danielle Schneider tells Sean about depression, medication, throwing away her kid's art stuff, and how even if the glass is completely empty, she can still fill it.
00:39:21 2020-03-30
Rajshree Patel breaks down the concept of mindfulness, and how much more useful the idea is as an adjective than as a noun. She makes Sean wonder why he doesn't have a headboard on his bed right now, and delves into the powers of using breath as an e...
00:50:51 2020-03-23
Jon Gabrus explains Alexa's misconception that he is an ardent fan of Led Zeppelin (especially The Immigrant Song), and tells Sean why running two miles makes him feel like an Olympic athlete.
00:39:39 2020-03-16
Dr. Suvrat Bhargave discusses using Dr. Seuss to train his mind, and how a single moment of insight, if acted upon, can have life-changing effects on one’s happiness.
00:48:53 2020-03-09
Eddie Pepitone explains Freudian child psychology, how default settings can make achieving happiness regularly more difficult, and what the hell happened to Orson Wells. 
00:38:09 2020-03-02
Lauren Duca tries to teach Sean how to have productive conversations with people whose views he finds disagreeable, and wonders why people think nail art is silly but golf is totally respectable.
00:53:54 2020-03-02
Jen Kirkman joins Sean to talk about people who are performatively nice, dancing, and how one can be happy and depressed at the same time.
00:01:38 2020-02-24
Sean Conroy Gets Happier is a curious exploration of the art and science of happiness. As a comedian, Sean Conroy has spent his entire career trying to make other people happier. He's experienced everything from crackerjack, blockbuster, megahit succ...