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The Running To The Beat Podcast offers the best selection of non-stop high energy running music. The best results come when you allow the music to move you from your heart. Our running mixes will always motivate you, inspire you, and challenge you to be your best. Subscribe now, join the Running To The Beat Journey.

53:06 2022-04-30
” I love running with music because nothing can change your mood faster than Running to the Beat”. Peter Canellis Lace up and hit the pavement with me for a […]
50:32 2021-10-30
Good evening runners, Are you ready for a kick-ass fun run!  Well, let’s get moving as I Put A Spell On You with more great running music.   Let’s Power […]
22:28:57 2021-10-30
Listeners, After my cancer diagnosis I decided to turn part of my focus towards healing music.  But then I ran into a conundrum.  I realized I didn’t have enough time […]
32:29 2021-10-24
Good evening loyal listeners. Steady, Ready, and Grounded is a 30 min run specifically designed for enjoyment and to help you stay grounded.  You will hear killer new tunes and […]
22:28:57 2021-10-18
Friends, I am trying something new.  Here I have combined a positive mood sequence ie: Reborn Mix with energizing high-frequency beta waves to inspire and motivate.  Max benefits received while […]
22:06:04 2021-10-15
Reborn is designed specifically as a Running To The Beat Negative Split Run. That will Heal Beat by Beat. In addition, to its Epic and Powerful rhythms and cadence Reborn […]
31:12 2021-03-23
                                          You Are Strong is a fun, uplifitng 30 minute […]
48:53 2021-02-23
          Good day runners and welcome to your monthly dose of Running To The Beat! This episode is called “The Power”. Fuel your power run with […]
22:08:13 2020-12-23
Good evening friends. Happy holidays! And welcome to your monthly dose of Running To The Beat! This weeks show is called “The Conjunction”. The idea behind the mix was to […]
22:02:37 2020-11-27
128-132bpm – 67min Tempo Workout that will challenge you to keep that steady pace for 40 min. Don’t let me scare you there are a few moments where you can […]
57:23 2020-11-26
Dear Friends, Good morning and welcome to my 11th annual Thanksgiving Lounge episode. This mix was inspired by my drive to pick up the pieces of the past 8 months […]
54:30 2020-11-24
Tempo Run – 128-130bpm Between Us is harmonic, sexy, groovy and hypnotic.  The perfect running music curation for getting lost in your run and watching time fly by. 
22:00:24 2020-11-23
Tempo Run – Steady Pace, 128bpm Evening Breeze is one of my all-time favorite sunrise/sunset mixes to run to. The motivation, inspiration and magical musical journey of Evening Breeze captures you […]
22:02:07 2020-11-23
Powerful tempo run that will have you crushing your PR’s!
22:11:58 2020-11-23
No Warning lights will lock you into a running groove from the onset and won’t let you go. Expect to sweat, breathe, challenge, and push yourself. Slow, Medium, Fast, you […]
31:44 2020-11-23
The Home Stretch is a 31:44 min to get you over the finish line.  You are 31 minutes away from AWESOMENESS!  This is where you give it your last gusto […]
48:11 2020-11-23
Cosmic Wonder is a crusin push workout. There are 4 magical moments in the mix.  At these moments you will want to break out into a full-on run but hold […]
22:07:45 2020-11-23
Good morning runners, Tonight, I pulled this mix out of the archives and have re-uploaded it to my podcast. For those of you who were app subscribers this mix was […]
56:35 2020-11-23
I am returning to my much loved and revered St. Peter alias sound with a brand new mix to whet your appetite and mesmerize you while on your run. “Sunset […]
59:39 2019-03-05
Sexy beats that flow through your body and give you chills as your a Running To The Beat. Feel the sexiness and find your Balance. Believe in the unexpected Saint […]