Ring Ring! with Renie Rivas

Actress/comedian Renie Rivas (Spirit Untamed, No Activity) presents recordings of private phone calls with friends in entertainment, comedy, the death care industry, and gay adult films in this eavesdropping-based podcast. Guests include actor Brandon Johnson (Rick and Morty, A Black Lady Sketch Show), actress Rachel Grate (Crazy Ex Girlfriend, NCIS), and actor Phil LaMarr (Futurama, Pulp Fiction).

39:07 2021-03-14
Kristin Key (Comedian) and Renie set sail down memory lane on the anniversary of Kristin's ill-famed quarantine detour on The Grand Princess Cruise Ship. Other cruises dock in the port of discussion, such as The Titanic and Ted Cruz.
43:05 2021-02-28
Jordan Morris (Jordan, Jesse, GO! Podcast, Writer) and Renie are fun adjacent with tech as they use webcams to possibly sell meat sacks and encounter an unobtainable sandwich algorithm. Rock Dads and Cat Dads rule because humanity is so beautiful or whate...
39:11 2021-02-21
Augusta Avallone (TV/Film Costume Designer, Burlesque Dancer) dishes with Renie about how employees and performers deserve to be treated. The gals identify a new version of Coney Island Whitefish and relate people to fonts. Always tip strippers or you get...
40:08 2021-02-14
Will Melendez (Comedian) needs a high and a low at the same time this Valentine's Day after enduring a job interview, a birthday, and QuaranTinder at home. Renie learns the importance of dragging the Bratz Doll company and needing a Queen who can't sew. ...
41:17 2021-02-07
Andia Winslow (Athlete, Voice Actress) and Renie run, hula-hoop, and unicycle an inside joke into the ground. Andia breaks down how being a queen, athlete, or artist takes 100% focus to achieve your true potential and tacos. There's some cat hair, but it'...
38:47 2021-01-31
Sean Cardamone (Chef, The Walrus and The Hedgehog) puts the private in private call, recounting details of a freak kitchen accident that's got nothing to do with cooking. Renie and Sean light up like Glo Worms about sexuality and fighting back tears, whet...
35:18 2021-01-24
Malcolm Jay (Counselor in Training) shares important insights with Renie about trans expectations, Baltimore dialects, and Bobby Hill. P'scuse me, but providing therapy in today's climate is as daunting as Zoom bottle service.
40:16 2021-01-17
Blaine Capatch (Comedian/Writer) and Renie talk meat, malls, and myths involving stomach pumps, the rapper Pitbull, and regional Andy Dicks. They hope not to die hilarious deaths, but it would be worth the gout.
39:58 2021-01-10
Heidi Powers (Playwright/Director) and Renie virtually attend the ongoing aquarium drama Wet Side Story and share audition tales (pizza and skates and stripping, oh my!). Their theatre date gets exciting with practical marriage advice and cartoon bestiali...
29:37 2021-01-01
Phil LaMarr (Justice League, Futurama) and Renie solve most of the world's problems in this Season Two premiere, unpacking hot-button issues such as toxic masculinity, misinformation prevalence, and the perks of a horn keyboard.
40:00 2020-10-25
Lindsay Carrozza (Solar Opposites Lead Character Designer) and Renie get cinematic with The Too Sad For Hallmark Channel's latest film and the Scorsese epic in Renie's fish tanks. They bond over jumping through insurance hoops made of the same cheap mater...
43:15 2020-10-18
Shondalia White (Onward, Black-ish) and Renie bond over gas (gaslighting and gastro-intestinal distress) as they unpack phobias and whatever the heck is going on with voiceover audition requests. "Without the teeth" remains a mystery.
39:00 2020-10-11
Rikki Simons (Invader Zim, Mighty Magiswords) and Renie remember things best forgotten such as the origins of Rikki's hometown (It's like Field of Dreams, but with meth) while celebrating Rikki's birthday with Pedialyte shots and sick Georgia O'Keeffe bur...
38:40 2020-10-04
Morgan Cline (Artist/Hunk Curator) and Renie catch up after peaceful protest was met with Morgan's arrest. Unsexy subjects are explored such as shoe jerky, spare change dispensed from the uterus, and Ben Affleck's old teeth! Reflecting on Will2K (The Will...
39:50 2020-09-27
Renie calls Wesley Shane Woods (Comedian, Retired Porn Star) down in Texas! Reminiscing leads to a memorable George W. Bush encounter, the most LA story he's ever heard from Renie, and recognition of pornography's humanitarian side all while somehow pulli...
38:35 2020-09-20
Pleasantries and unpleasantries are exchanged as DJ Corpse Wrangler (Mortician/Former Coroner Tech) covers the horrors of Zooming med school and points out what Film and TV get wrong about bodies. He forever changes what Renie associates with Party City. ...
39:37 2020-09-13
Editor/Publisher/Podcaster Amanda Meadows and Renie got that WAP for double sink bathrooms! Less so for privilege disparities, fake sticker wood, and healing crystals not pulling their weight in our time of need.
46:24 2020-09-06
Comedian Misha D. (DolphinoftheLand.com) illustrates how pet adoption apps are like dating apps in the worst ways. Segues include the perks of passing for eight, why CERTAIN plagues HATE this, and founding a Queer secular church with his fiancé.
39:17 2020-08-30
Rachel Grate (Crazy Ex Girlfriend, NCIS) tells Renie all about her wedding! Other topics include joining clubs for the accessories and being in a toxic relationship with a condo.
44:41 2020-08-22
Brandon Johnson (Rick and Morty, A Black Lady Sketch Show) and Renie chat about bizarre on-set experiences, how camping is the stairs of life, and why our anguished nation should turn to the voices of Black women while crazy s*** is popping off. 
01:42 2020-08-20
Actress/comedian Renie Rivas (Fresh Off The Boat, Mighty Magiswords) presents recordings of private phone calls with friends in entertainment, comedy, the death care industry, and gay adult films in Season One of this eavesdropping-based podcast. Guests i...