Hosts Niven and Giuseppe refuse to go gentle into that good night. You know those worries that you have, about whether you are making the most of your life, or making the right choices? Join us for a weekly conversation where we discuss those thoughts out loud, together.

00:48:23 2022-03-18
200,000,000 productive human hours are lost per year watching porn. Is it time we changed our approach to the subject?
00:58:31 2022-03-07
We speak to Vlad (the Lad) about what it is like living in Kyiv, Ukraine right now as Russian forces approach the city.
00:20:09 2022-03-04
01:12:18 2021-12-25
We ruined it.
00:58:49 2021-12-08
We're back.. or are we?
00:46:47 2021-06-07
There are a lot a 'bleeps'.
00:40:29 2021-06-03
Architect & Artist Louisa Schmolke talks us through how she has made her passion into a successful side business.
00:40:35 2021-05-24
We've failed. You've failed. How do we deal with it?
00:41:14 2021-05-17
We had a beer, and decided to sort this out once and for all.
00:50:45 2021-05-10
To most it's a hard no, but is there something to be gained from opening up a relationship?
00:40:34 2021-05-01
Will we make it.. Would we want to?
00:55:53 2021-04-24
It's tough to stay in shape. We ask Charlotte Fisher to talk us through how we can get in shape without hating the process.
00:43:29 2021-04-17
Do we need a culture shift in Britain around higher education? Is Uni value for money?
00:52:35 2021-04-10
Dating, it's awful. Niven and Giuseppe discuss the experience of modern dating, and where we are all going wrong.
00:31:21 2021-04-03
The first of a monthly check-in with our mental health, reminding you all that it's okay to talk about it.
00:39:31 2021-03-27
We discuss the top lessons that we would go back and tell our 20 year old selves..
00:43:26 2021-03-19
Working for 40 years before you retire and enjoy life.. is there another way?
00:01:41 2021-03-16
Enjoy that sweet intro tune, a bit of news, and a wee bonus clip.
00:42:43 2021-03-13
The people want to know.. Let's give them what they want.
00:12:09 2021-03-10
Enjoy our shambolic pilot episode, where our gear fails us, and we decide we don't want you to share this any further.. this podcast is now just for you.. yes, you.