Queer As Fiction

Queer As Fiction is a podcast where three adult women (Amanda Holland, Kirsten King & Ashly Perez) write their own fan fiction based on audience suggestions.

00:42:37 2018-11-13
On this season finale of Queer As Fiction, we talk about how to survive the holidays and also make our childhood faves the Spice Girls real queer!
00:38:12 2018-10-30
On this episode, Amanda, Kirsten and Ashly tell their own ghosted stories as well as some spooky hook up stories. And for the first time on Queer AF, the three write one fanfic together about everyone's favorite spooky couple, Daphne and Velma from Scooby...
00:38:48 2018-10-16
This week on Queer As Fiction, we all write a Hayley Kiyoko fic and talk about which season is the sexiest. Follow us on Twitter: @QueerAsFic
00:46:54 2018-10-02
In this episode, we talk about Kirsten's coming out, bisexuality, how creepy can you get with a crush and we write a bunch of Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively fanfic!
00:41:35 2018-09-18
This week on Queer As Fiction, Ashly tells her coming out story and then we get magical by writing some Harry Potter fanfic!
00:41:32 2018-09-04
On this week's episode, we're writing about Marvel characters! See crossover fics you never thought would happen like Valkyrie/Gamora, Mystique/Storm and find out what really happened with Scarlet Witch, Black Widow & Okoye after that battle in Infinity W...
00:42:24 2018-08-21
This week on Queer As Fiction, Amanda talks about coming out before diving into some queer Disney Princess pairings!
00:38:59 2018-08-07
In this episode of Queer As Fiction, we write all Anne Hathaway themed fan fics and talk about boundaries while diving deep into sex dreams.
00:42:46 2018-07-24
On this episode of Queer As Fiction, we all write a different fanfiction about Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton. We also discuss what kind of people we are into and go in depth about "types".
00:48:44 2018-07-10
On this episode of Queer As Fiction, things get uncomfortable when Amanda, Kirsten & Ashly tackle yet another fanfic written about them. And they get a chance to write fanfic about their dream ships! This week, we've got Camila/Lauren, Janelle Monae/Tessa...
00:42:46 2018-06-26
On this episode of Queer As Fiction, we all saw Ocean's 8 and thought... We wish it was gayer. So we wrote 3 fanfics about 3 different pairings within the movie which inspired the question, are workplace romances a good idea?
00:38:57 2018-06-12
On this episode of Queer As Fiction, we write more fanfiction! We tackle a Harry Potter fic, Killing Eve fic and a Cate Blanchett/Jessica Chastain dream pairing. Also we chat about what to do when you watch a movie with a crush.
00:44:04 2018-05-29
On this episode of Queer As Fiction, it's an all fan fiction episode! We took some of your suggestions from Twitter and took time to write our own fanfiction. You'll get some Camila Cabello and Taylor Swift, some Cate Blanchett and Kristen Stewart and som...
00:33:07 2018-05-15
This week on Queer As Fiction, we talk about Kirsten's bullying problem, Amanda's OKCupid history (including messaging Kirsten and Ashly at one point) and read a story about some religious boning. 
00:40:58 2018-05-01
On this episode of Queer As Fiction, we write some fan fiction based off of listener requests and read ANOTHER story about bondage. IDK how that keeps happening.
00:35:22 2018-04-17
This week on Queer As Fiction, Amanda, Ashly & Kirsten read a story about hotel sex and talk about possible allergic reactions during sex.
00:35:24 2018-04-03
On the third episode of Queer As Fiction, we read a story about bondage and farming and talk about the worst thing to say on a first date.
00:31:56 2018-03-20
On the second episode of Queer AF, Kirsten, Amanda & Ashly read about a woman who gives her girlfriend who hates sex a threesome for her birthday... Thoughtful, I guess? #ICUIntensiveCunnilingusUnit
00:39:08 2018-03-06
On the first episode of Queer AF, Amanda, Kirsten and Ashly read a spooky tale about a vampire named Rackula who seduces virginal 18 year olds in a Romanian province! And boy oh boy, do shenanigans ensue. #BreastBlessed