Why I Decided to Raise my Prices this Year, plus, How to Know when it’s Time to Raise yours EP269

Why I’ve decided to increase my prices this year. Determining the prices for your services and products brings up a ton of resistance; this is 100% normal. Basically this is an exercise in self-worth. Yes, there is strategy around pricing that I teach, but ultimately it comes down to what you believe your intellectual property, your talent, your quality, your time, your effort, and your energy are worth to the world. NOW THAT’S HEAVY SH!T RIGHT THERE! How I look at pricing is a bit different from the norm, I know big shocker. I take an assessment of all the things I mentioned above (external inventory), but I also take an internal inventory. Noticing how I feel about my schedule, am I left depilated at the end of the day? Observing how I feel when I’m pouring into my clients, am I left feeling resentful for all that I’ve been giving, sharing, guiding, and creating? Or, is there a fair exchange of receiving happening in return? >>> If your energy is being depleted because you’re not taking a close internal inventory, everyone suffers, and eventually so will your business and bank account. In this episode, I go into this sensitive pricing topic more deeply, so you can uncover the perfect prices for you and your ideal clients in the New Year. Maybe nothing will change, but I have a hunch they will ;-) SIGN UP FOR MY FREE Live Training Series: 3 Days to Make Bank in the New Year Series Want exclusive millionaire mindset content from me, where I share abundance exercises, tips, and affirmations in 30 seconds or less? Join my FREE Secret Posse Weekly Digest today:  projectmewithtiffany.com/secretposse Welcome to ProjectME the Podcast with your host Tiffany Carter, who takes the mystery out of making BIG money. A former NBC and CBS TV journalist, turned multi-millionaire entrepreneur, teaching you all things wealth, health, worth, and business. You can follow Tiffany on Instagram @projectme_with_tiffany  on Facebook @projectmewithtiffany and watch her TV episodes on ProjectME TV with Tiffany Carter on YouTube.

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