[ Mindset Reset ] “Can I really make this work, or am I just fooling my self ?” EP381

Nothing messes up my mojo more than when I do this… When we want something to work so badly we can taste it, and yet nothing feels likes it’s working in our favor, week after week after week, our energy spirals into Stucktown, USA.  I spent a solid 18 months in this town, and the longer I stayed the further away my dreams felt.  Then I would scroll or meet someone who had a similar business to me, who was “crushing it,” and I would be so jealous and judgey of them…also not a pretty energy to live in. Certainly not one that attracts abundance.  You may be in Stucktown right now, and want to desperately get out but don’t even know where to start. Here’s what I did to move from a stuck mindset into a successful one: 1. Start using all of that energy and mental bandwidth you’re exerting on stressing over “NOTHING IS WORKING,” to identifying the holes in your business model, and getting help with filling those holes. 2. Have a come to Jesus talk with yourself, or a conversation with the Universe, or your Spirit Guides…Release all of the expectations you had for your business, your goals, and your income… These expectations are at the root of why you are in Stucktown, because you “expected” things to play out differently than reality. (Truth is you are exactly where you are supposed to be right now, as this extreme discomfort you’re in is what’s necessary for you to do the BIG scary things that are required of you to reach your goals.)                        3. Ask yourself, “What would make me feel the most supported right now as I’m growing my business? What would hold me accountable on an entirely different level, so I’m forced to show up regardless of my fears, doubts, and insecurities?” 4. TAKE ACTION. A big part of why you are paralyzed in being “unmotivated” and “overwhelmed,” is because you’re allowing that energy to take over. The only way out of this quicksand is to use your energy to stretch your arm out amongst all of the weight trying to pull you back, and reach for help.  5. Listen to this new episode, part of my Mindset Reset series, to get your head out of your ass and back in the game.  >>> My famous once a year FREE live training series 3 DAYS TO MAKE BANK is back by popular demand! Time to get clear AF, know exactly what actions to take, and what to spend your precious time on to get that money honey.  Registration link is below + all of the details on the 15k GIVEAWAY!!  projectmewithtiffany.com/makebank  ***ONLY TIME I’M DOING THIS TRAINING IN ALL OF 2022*** >>CLOSING SOON

by ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset