Playing to Win

This is a podcast that explains why every person is better off playing to win instead of playing not to lose in life and business

22:11:02 2022-09-07
Lets talk about the state of male self improvement
22:03:56 2022-09-07
Jack Donovan is hard to explain, he's an author, artist, heathen, and an unplugged dude, that lives life on his terms. For over a decade, Jack Donovan has been exploring, articulating, and refining a timeless, cross-cultural ethos of masculinity that is r...
55:17 2022-07-30
Rafael joins me from The Wealthy ExPat Youtube channel to talk about how wealthy individuals are moving abroad to lower their tax burden, and enjoy more freedom.
55:06 2022-07-30
Jay Campbell joins me today to talk about peptides, why you need to take control of your own health, and how to heal your body with peptides. Grab the peptide course here: Jay's recommended peptide company: https:...
22:36:16 2022-07-06
In this show I'll show you an example of playing to win so hard, and so intensely, they are likely about to get wrecked. Recently a 17 yr old kid used my good name, in an effort to shill his HEX crypto tokens to my audience, a project by a man named Richa...
22:24:38 2022-05-28
George Gammon joins me today to talk money, stocks, real estate, crypto and the future state of the economy.
22:06:28 2022-05-20
Resources mentioned in the show: B2X program & staking BTC/USDC sign up & we both earn $10 USD: ...
58:55 2022-05-13
David Lesperance returns to talk about the benefits of having multiple passports, and some new proposed taxes that will threaten home owners, and their retirement.
22:09:14 2022-05-02
Skip up to 19:28 for Skake Chatterjee from the Netflix hit show, 'Love is Blind,' joins me to talk about his experience trying to find love on the show.
59:31 2022-04-12
Steve Sims is the founder and CEO of the luxury concierge service Bluefish. In 2017, Sims published a book, Bluefishing: The Art of Making Things Happen. Steve is the kind of guy that can arrange a private dinner for 6 at the feet of Michelangelo's David,...
22:33:48 2022-03-31
By popular demand, Duane returns to tell the rest of his divorce story, and share his new life living on a sailboat...
23:20:02 2022-03-25
I've had a ton of requests to do a podcast on Klaus Schwab, and his 'great reset.' I've seen enough now, and it's time for a show on the topic. Hit 'set reminder' I'll take call ins on this one.
22:35:14 2022-03-12
Retired RAF Tornado pilot, Tim Davis, returns to joins me today to talk about what is going on in Ukraine with Russia.
22:26:36 2022-03-02
Podcaster, Ryan Michler, joins me on this show to talk about how he plays to win in his business and in life.
45:42 2022-03-02
Lets talk about how truckers are playing to win in Ottawa, and around the world right now.
22:16:20 2022-03-02
Justin Waller, a former fat guy from Louisiana joins me to talk about how he cleaned up his life, and plays to win in business, with women, self care and money.
22:01:29 2022-03-02
A Twitter spat between Andrew Tate & ColtyBrah erupted into drama, then went away very quickly, in this show I want to talk to you about developing a sharp wit, how it is done, and what happened between Andrew & Colty.
58:22 2022-03-02
Robert Kiyosaki returns to follow up on our last conversation, diving into wealth creation, debt and taxes with Ken McElroy, and Tom Wheelwright
22:19:49 2022-03-02
PD Mangan, a microbiologist, weightlifter, researcher in his late 60s, joins me today to talk about self care, looking and feeling great as you age. Learn the real way to eat right, get fit, live long, & win.
22:20:16 2022-03-02
PD Mangan, a microbiologist, weightlifter, researcher in his late 60s, joins me today to talk about self care, looking and feeling great as you age. Learn the real way to eat right, get fit, live long, & win.
22:27:23 2022-03-02
Ed Latimore a former professional heavyweight boxer (13-1-1), joins me today to talk about how he's played to win in his life. Today he is a full time writer, a physics BA, and chess enthusiast.
22:34:39 2022-03-02
Retired Navy Seal, Rich Graham joins me today from his Florida ranch (Full Spectrum Warrior) where lifestyle training is provided covering: Firearms, Combatives, K9, Functional Fitness, Health, and Mindset.
22:58:24 2022-03-02
Greg O'Gallagher from Kinobody joins me today to talk about how he has played to win in his life. Greg is a Canadian entrepreneur that has built a multi million dollar international brand that caters to training programs, clothing and supplements. He ...
22:35:21 2022-03-02
Tristan Tate joins me today talking all things "playing to win" and life. Learn more about Tristan here:
22:07:47 2022-03-02
Biohacker, Jay Campbell, joins me to talk about some new discoveries using peptides to slow down the aging process. We'll be talking about: -DHT inhibition and why its not the answer for hair loss and regrowth -The toxicity of DHT and estrogen block...
22:02:14 2022-03-02
I'm beyond excited to host retired RAF Tornado fighter pilot, and high performance coach to my playing to win podcast. Subscribe & 'set reminder' to watch live.
22:29:46 2022-03-02
Author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," Robert Kiyosaki joins me to talk to me about how he plays to win at life.
22:01:28 2022-03-02
eter Ferrante is a politically incorrect passionate entrepreneur, father, BBQ pitmaster, husband and car guy that has been outspoken on the state of society today. Join us as we catch up on some key topics, and hear how his businesses have dealt with th...
55:56 2022-03-02
Sign up for Crypto Mindset Q3 here: Charlie & Miguel join me from Cultivate Crypto to talk about some updates to the cryptocurrency markets, as they open their Q3 Cultivate Crypto course. ...
22:18:48 2022-03-02
UPDATE: Max couldn't make it. Maxime Bernier, the leader of the PPC (Peoples Party of Canada) joins me for a cast to talk about the Canadian Federal election on September 20th as he fights for the role of Prime Minister, and logic/reason in Canada. His...
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