Pinoy Tagalog Sermons

Tired of listening to English Christian sermons? Pinoy Tagalog Sermons is the podcast series for you. These sermons will help deepen your faith and provide biblical guidance, even if you don't fully understand what's being said. The Pinoy Tagalog Sermons podcast series is a refreshing way to be reminded of God's Word. The sermons are delivered by various pastors with different topics, allowing listeners to choose which sermon will resonate the most with them.

01:10:10 2022-06-26
When we look for hope in hard places, FAITH reminds us that God’s plan for our lives is greater than anything we face in our everyday existence.As the storms of life come crashing down on us, FAITH shows us that we can choose to remain on the path we’...
00:31:34 2022-06-26
A message for people who are looking for help with self improvement. We can change the way we think and therefore the way we feel, act and behave. This podcast of change will give you the ability to overcome negative thinking and create positive changes i...
00:03:22 2022-03-21
"Do not focus on your weakness, focus on God's strength instead."Today's episode is about how we should think of our weaknesses and how we should not let them hold us back. Instead, we should focus on the strengths that God has given us to...
00:33:16 2022-03-21
A message about being humble in view of God's standards. Enjoy the message.
00:29:16 2022-01-20
God tests our faith, but He also lets us see the good in bad. Listen to this podcast for more.
00:53:42 2022-01-20
Forgiving someone you love is one of the hardest things to do. But forgiveness can be possible if you try. Find out how forgiveness works, and meet people who have experienced letting go of their resentments.
01:01:18 2022-01-20
Do you ever feel like Christianity is just too much? Or that the church and its people are too hard to deal with? Maybe it's life, or your work situation, or another issue—whatever it is, sometimes we feel discouraged. But now there's a podcast ...
00:51:48 2022-01-20
Pinoy Tagalog Sermon Podcast: The best way to spend your time.God's word offers hope and guidance for listeners of Pinoy Tagalog Sermon Podcast, who may feel lost and forgotten. Pastors delivers a daily sermon that is both thought-provoking and spirit...