Pete's Paranormal Universe

Stranded in the distant world of tomorrow, Pete Schwartz struggles on, exploring the convoluted secrets of…PETE’S PARANORMAL UNIVERSE - where the paranormal is normal

21:23:56 2022-06-01
Inspired by many 80’s cartoons of yore, this very special episode hits the ground scamping when Pete is shrunk down to mouse-size by a gang of evil skeletons!
21:28:25 2021-10-28
After striking out on a hot date with Lady Justice, Pete resurrects Roy Orbison from the dead in a botched attempt to win her back
21:25:32 2021-09-22
Pete is drafted onto a team of mercenary treasure hunters to retrieve an artifact of unfathomable value in…Phanthropomorphic Spookology!
21:25:16 2021-07-14
When a drunken Pete is picked up by a mysterious leather salesman, he finds himself on a dark path full of cannibals and very uncomfortable socks…
21:18:51 2021-06-09
In this needle-dropping season premiere, Pete Schwartz finds himself caught in a deadly time loop while housesitting in the middle of nowhere
21:12:45 2021-04-27
Time travel with Pete as he explores the paranormal realm of New Glasgow's Maritime building! Close your eyes and listen to a raucous party full of ghosts and ghouls and legendary demons!
21:18:57 2020-12-09
A mysterious psychedelic earthquake sets off a series of strange events in the ghost town of Wolfton as Pete reunites with an old friend
21:31:47 2020-11-05
What really happened to the Bell sisters? Detective Mack Jackson of the N.S. Troll Department is on the case as Pete gets bullied online by a lonely man with a tragic past
21:31:38 2020-10-13
This blast from the past drags us to Hell on a cold, lonely Hallows Eve! Suffer with Pete as his twisted story meanders with distinctive Dickensian flair, ending in an avalanche of unspeakable, unrecordable…horror! TURN THE VOLUME UP! TURN THE LIGHTS ...
21:19:31 2020-09-10
After a nightmarish trip to the dentist, Pete is tortured by the vengeful ghost of his dead tooth... Warning: This episode contains rare audio of a so-called "tooth haunting". All tooth-sensitive people should listen with caution
21:24:04 2020-07-14
Can our antihero escape F'Thulhu's ocean death trap, or will he drown in his sorrows? Plunge into the final chapter of the F'Thulhu saga...if you dare!
21:28:02 2020-07-06
Pete dives deeper into the dank recesses of a fabled underwater city in chapter two of the F’Thulhu saga!
21:20:36 2020-06-29
Embark on an unexpected journey with detective Pete Schwartz in chapter one of the F’Thulhu saga – a Lovecraftian epic 400 years in the making! A deep, dank mystery lies on the ocean floor of the Bay of Fundy as Pete unearths the dark secrets of a fog...
21:10:31 2020-05-19
A classic Nova Scotian ghost story about a lighthouse keeper and a deathly spirit
21:25:26 2020-05-09
While quarantined with friends and foes during a zombie pandemic, Pete makes chicken shawarma for dinner…with disastrous results
21:23:26 2020-04-23
Pete sets out on a quest to Oak Island in search of extraterrestrial treasure, but his plans are soon thwarted by a reality TV show on a similar mission
21:19:30 2020-04-09
Pete investigates a basement haunting, trailing the spirit of a long-dead fisherman... *craving more adventure? Subscribe to our previous series "Pete's Paranormal Chronicles", also on iTunes & GooglePlay
21:19:04 2020-04-06
After a 20-year disappearance, Pete Schwartz awakens inside the body of a stranger living in an alternate universe, where all things paranormal are very normal... *craving more adventure? Subscribe to our previous series "Pete's Paranormal Chronicles", a...