Kickin’ Pedophiles Butts with Kayleigh’s Law

Kayleigh Kozak, the namesake behind “Kayleigh’s Law", shares her personal story of abuse and how it propelled her into fighting for continued protection for victims of sexual & domestic. You have got to hear this woman's heartbreaking story and how she used her pain to strengthen her resolve and use her experience to save other victims!! -WATCH full episode on Spreely TV! -SUBSCRIBE on Apple -FOLLOW Lindsey -MERCH at -JOIN my email list! YOU To my sponsors and partners for your generous support!-Dr. Stephen Soloway. Author of Bad Medicine & Medical Politics.’s Restaurants Code PATRIOTBARBIE for up to 66% off! Plastics water systems -Red Balloon. Over 2000 companies have pledged to honor free speech and medical privacy at -The Patriot Barbie donates 10% of all podcast sponsorships to Choices Pregnancy Center!  

by Patriot Barbie