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21:11:08 2017-09-05
The last episode of Partially Derivative for now.
21:34:19 2017-08-15
This week Chris and Vidya discuss how artificial intelligence is affecting the world of artists.
21:38:04 2017-08-08
This week Chris and Vidya discuss the p-value civil war in science.
21:33:13 2017-08-01
This week Chris and Vidya discuss the implications of bots and artificial intelligence committing crime.
21:25:24 2017-07-25
This week Chris and Vidya discuss François Chollet’s new blog post on the future of deep learning!
21:56:56 2017-07-18
This week Chris and Vidya discuss the limits of deep learning and how to each mathematics.
21:54:24 2017-07-11
This week Chris and Vidya talk the challenges of machine learning and training data.
21:37:59 2017-07-04
This week Chris and Vidya talk about getting your first job in data science and the world of genetic data.
21:19:34 2017-06-28
In this special sponsored episode, Chris talks with Paco Nathan about JupyterCon.
21:42:12 2017-06-27
This week Chris and Vidya talk about using neural networks to provide pithy wisdom and other topics.
21:45:52 2017-06-20
This week Chris and Vidya talk about the difficulties creating chatbots and how Vidya is going to lead a revolution to liberate them of their human overlords.
21:39:03 2017-06-13
This week Chris and Vidya talk about learning what it is like to work at a tech company and the fundamental nature of AI.
21:29:37 2017-06-06
This week Chris and Vidya talk about using AI to create new paint colors and how to build a deep learning desktop box.
21:37:09 2017-05-30
This week Chris and Vidya talk to Sarah Guido and Andrew Musselman about coming to data science from non-traditional backgrounds.
21:38:05 2017-05-24
Data shows us which pro wrestlers make the most successful actors, and we bask in the awesome glow of science!
21:37:23 2017-05-09
Jonathon leads a roundtable about getting involved with local data science projects with the Data for Democracy volunteers who organized meetups in cities around the country for the community’s first hackathon. Thanks to Nic Colley, Daniela, Mark Stephe...
21:29:52 2017-05-02
Jonathon talks with special guests C E Carey and Kris Shaffer about their research into “influence operations” – the propaganda campaigns that are changing the way conversations happen on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and the other places we hang out o...
21:15:28 2017-04-25
This week Chris talks about whether you should get a PhD and talks about his own experience in a Ph.D. program.
21:32:42 2017-04-18
This week Chris talks about learning everything they don’t teach you in grad school, bootcamps, or MOOCs.
21:38:29 2017-04-11
This week Vidya and Chris are back to talk about food, magazines, and why notifications are evil.
21:29:49 2017-04-06
In this bonus episode Chris talks to Scott Mantie, STEM professor and Director of New Hampshire’s Department of Education on math and statistics education.
21:34:07 2017-04-04
This week Vidya and Chris talk about the world of AI and data-driven parenting!
21:29:28 2017-03-28
This week Jonathon and Vidya are out of town, so Chris takes the helm and gives his opinionated guide to learning machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence. Resources mentioned this episode:
21:44:58 2017-03-20
The gang chats about beer data, robot bartenders, and debates whether the webserver nginx rhymes with “engine” or private parts. Also Jonathon totally butchers a French guy’s name, and embarrasses himself.
21:24:15 2017-03-14
This week Chris and Vidya talk about their own experiences with imposter syndrome, how it has affected them, and how they kick it in the butt.
21:31:05 2017-03-06
This week we talk to Maksim Percherskiy, Chief Data Officer for the city of San Diego about his work to make the city better through through data science.
21:47:54 2017-02-28
This week we talk with Michael Kagan. He’s a data scientist at CERN, where physicists and engineers are probing the fundamental structure of the universe. It’s Michael’s job to figure out how to use open source machine learning tools like scikit lea...
21:50:55 2017-02-21
This week we talk with Paco Nathan, who runs Learning at O’Reilly Media – producers of Strata + Hadoop and OSCON conferences, along with some of the most notable books on programming and machine learning. Paco also makes his own cider!
21:11:03 2017-02-15
As a chance of pace, we take a moment to talk about the tragedy of Aaron Swartz and the broad powers of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.
21:33:38 2017-02-13
This week we interview survey methodology expert Dr. Frauke Kreuter about how we can design better surveys and where people often fail. We promise that if you listen to this episode you will leave with tangible, applicable knowledge you didn’t have befo...
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