In a near dystopian future four teenage friends (Manuel, Joana, Leticia and Alejandro) grow weary of the technocracy that controls their every movement. To escape the monotony, the four of them escape to the desert to bond with each other, and the universe under the influence of psychedelic drugs. In the desert, the drugs open new doors of perception for the teens, but when the drugs wear off they discover they have been abandoned, and that their group is incomplete. Manuel has gone missing. Twenty years later, nearing the anniversary of that fateful night, Joana awakens to nightmares of Manuel, and soon begins seeing him throughout town. But Manuel hasn’t aged. He’s the same 15 year old boy he was that night in the desert. Even if it risks everything she has spent so long regaining, Joana must know what happened to Manuel. Joining with her fellow survivors from that night, the trio take us on a thrill ride through a dystopian future where the only safe harbor is on our minds. Parábola is an original podcast series from Sonoro and Telemundo.

00:38:37 2022-05-24
With everything revealed, Joana must decide her fate and the fate of everyone who depends on her. 
00:27:35 2022-05-24
The shaman guides Joana through the desert towards safety — and a truth too unbelievable to face. 
00:27:23 2022-05-24
Joana takes refuge in a small desert town while searching for the mysterious shaman. 
00:30:47 2022-05-24
Desperate for answers and on the run from the authorities, Joana and Leticia head back to the place where it all began: the desert. 
00:21:59 2022-05-24
Joana and Alejandro search for proof of Manuel's reappearance. 
00:28:04 2022-05-24
Joana heads to a cabin for a yearly reunion with Leticia and Alejandro to revisit old memories and friends. 
00:31:09 2022-05-24
Twenty years after the incident in the desert, Joana tries to lead a normal life. But a visit from an old friend upends everything. 
00:36:17 2022-05-24
Four teenage friends head to the desert to experiment with hallucinogenics. When only three return, the course of their lives are irreversibly changed. 
00:02:08 2022-05-17
Sonoro and Telemundo present: Parábola. A thrill ride through a dystopian future where the only safe harbor is in our mind. Listen to the whole season on May 24th, 2022.