We're a group of complete professionals that watch different media and talk about it on recording. Sometimes we just sit down and talk amongst ourselves.

21:56:44 2022-12-07
Justin and Christian revisit a classic~
21:35:07 2022-11-14
Hello world, this week we watched a classic 1980's movie drama about a cop. Featuring Robert DeNiro and other A-list actors like John Cena, Lisa Kudrow and Amanda Bynes!
23:18:50 2022-11-08
Brendan and Jordy sit down to talk about general wellness and other health related subjects. 
21:22:38 2022-11-05
Justin read a letter his younger self wrote. It's a little on the sad side but he hopes it helps someone out there.  Also the audio cuts out at the end, but luckily there was only about 10 seconds left anyway, so sorry about that.  ...
22:18:46 2022-10-16
Christian is joined by a certain carb man and together they talk about the nonsensical aspects entertainment. 
22:13:52 2022-10-01
You can find Taco here - We need more Toph in our lives~
22:11:55 2022-09-15
Christian and Devon sit down to talk about their experiences in the art of herding idiots~
21:15:47 2022-08-11
This one's a behind the scenes look at the bit we did for One Piece Eps 443-445Whether the end product turned out a slapper is up in the air
22:18:04 2022-07-28
Unhinged conversations in a parking lot at 2am, please don't take anything we said too seriously, unless you agree, in that case I meant every word. Support our Chad transformations plz   ...
21:31:40 2022-07-11
The kids sit down and talk about how politically correct anime is. How it provides a safe environment for all people of all backgrounds and does NOT do anything bad AT ALL.....Intro is a remix of Cosmic Drift - DivKid
21:32:42 2022-07-07
I just finished editing this and I already forgot what they talked about, uhhh I think one of them mentioned something about a TV. Intro is a remix of "Culture - Anno Domini Beats" ...
21:25:11 2022-03-29
This kid gets real on this one. 
22:16:41 2022-03-12
Two of YouTube's finest content creators come together to talk about a movie.Intro is a remixed version of "Air - Alone In Kyoto"You can find Mathilda on her Youtube Lordlook and Twitter @llordlook(Inaudible whisper)~ ...
21:38:18 2022-02-06
Brendan rambles, Jeffy boi made a yacht, Justin does something sensual, and we talk about Belle a little. Intro is FynestLyk - Noir Et Blanc VieSing to me Frank, like the clowns do~
21:26:22 2022-02-04
We talk about weaknesses, croc apparel, and some anime stuff. Intro is Polaroid Memories - DivKidWhat kinda weakling are you?
21:33:34 2022-01-26
Trading card games, recent cravings, and finding long lost music. Into song is remixed version of "Cash Machine" by Anno Domini BeatsThe best trading cards game is the one your not playing~ 
21:20:15 2022-01-18
Talk about human modification, brussel sprouts, and crunchy. Into song is remixed version of "Soft Feeling" by Cheel You ever just watch full on documentaries when you should be sleeping?~
21:25:53 2022-01-09
An unplanned recording where we talk about winter regrets, NFT's being ugly, and our holiday sorrows. Intro song is "Brainmelt" by UnderbellyI really want us to watch some movies or something, but these fools are lazy~  ...
21:48:03 2021-11-16
 The late night lads talk about weddings, names in general, and the new League of Legends show. Intro song is called "Future City Funk" from the Youtube Music CollectionI'd name my child Lawrence if male and Nodame if female. ~ ...
22:03:26 2021-11-02
Devon, Christian, and Juan sit down to talk Dnd.  @PandaSightings for socialsOpening tune is  "Quest Start" from the KonoSuba OstThank you for listeningHitting bosses with sticks is the ultimate flex~     ...
22:11:48 2021-10-26
The late night lads return to talk about an iconic classic, also there's a new guy named Juan. He didn't have a proper microphone, so quality is a little janky. We have since acquired something for future uses.  @PandaSightings for socialsOpeni...
22:03:04 2021-10-12
Christian and Jordy sit down and basically recap the story. Many feels were felt during the making of this podcast episode.  @PandaSightings for socialsOpening song is "Atarashii Ara - from the Wolf Children OSTThank you for listeningVery little bea...
21:51:32 2021-10-05
The late night lads come together to talk about food related topics. Intro song is called "Disgusting" from the Shokugeki No Soma OSTFried sardines and strawberry jam are the real meal~ 
21:29:27 2021-09-28
We talk about Christian's new Vtuber discovery, Devons's overlord Panther, and the best season being Winter. Intro song is called Unproductive Meetings by Birocratic from the Youtube Audio Library. Watch out for the spicy cocoa at your local 7/...
21:27:08 2021-09-21
We talk about plot points, the original title of the movie, and Jimmy the cop.  @PandaSightings for socialsOpening song is "Story of Wick" - from the John Wick soundtrackThank you for listeningWho would win, James Bond or John Wick?~ ...
21:37:39 2021-09-14
We sat down on a lovely Wednesday night to talk about Record Of Ragnorak, Apple products, and why soft pretzels are unappealing. Intro song is called Fridaze by Lauren Duski from the Youtube Audio Library. Stay frosty children, I hear they throwing apple...
21:20:06 2021-09-07
As the garlic bread bakes in the oven, we sit down and talk about a favorite moments of Scott Pilgrim.  @PandaSightings for socialsOpening song is "We Are Sex Bob-Omb" - from the Scott Pilgrim soundtrackThank you for listeningDid she make some ...
21:50:06 2021-08-31
Brendan joins Jordy and Isaac this week to talk about one of the greats, Gurren Lagann. @PandaSightings for socialsOpening song is "Drill to Heaven with Your XXX!!" - from the Gurren Lagann OSTThank you for listening“I don’t want fear for a...
22:01:05 2021-08-24
We're down to two people on this one, but boy do they love this movie. @PandaSightings for socialsOpening song is "Destruction Of Rodger Young" - from the Starship Troopers OSTThank you for listeningRemember, your space rifle comes with a s...
21:46:24 2021-08-19
We finally landed on a recording where we weren't complete derps. @PandaSightings for socialsOpening song is "Set your heart ablaze" - from the Kimetsu no Yaiba Movie OSTThank you for listeningNezuko is too adorable for us mortals~ ...
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