Yara's EVP of Farming Solutions Terje Knutsen on green fertilizer, carbon sequestration, and precision agriculture

Yara is the world’s leading producer of nitrate-based fertilizer.  Most fertilizers are produced using fossil fuels. Fertilizer runoff has also been linked to environmental degradation. At the same time, fertilizer plays a critical role in our food system's productivity. Over half of the world's population relies on mineral fertilizer to be fed. Yara's mission is to responsibly feed the world and protect the planet. In this episode, I sit down with Executive Vice President of Farming Solution Terje Knutsen to explore exactly how they are doing that. We cover green fertilizer, the hydrogen economy, soil carbon sequestration, and precision agriculture.  8:30 The role of fertilizer in crop production 19:30 Green fertilizer and clean ammonia  26:30 Details of Yara's investment arm, Yara Growth Ventures 31:30 The Agoro Carbon Alliance and helping farmers to sequester carbon 49:00 AtFarm and other digital solutions for precision agriculture Episode Transcript Related Links  More conversations on the future of farming Delas Farm on regenerative agriculture More corproate interviews More interviews with corporate VCs Top interviews from Norway Like the show? Help keep the Nordic FoodTech Podcast running by becoming a subscriber here.

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