Tim Wendelboe on biological coffee farming and chasing great taste from seed to cup

Tim Wendelboe runs his own roastery and espresso bar in Oslo, Norway where he imports, roasts and serves high quality coffees. Tim has won multiple international barista competitions and is known for his ability to create great taste. In this episode, we trace Tim's career starting as a barista, moving into coffee roasting, and then starting his own Farm, Finca el Suelo, in Columbia where he practices biological coffee farming. We also discuss how Tim works closely and transparently with farmers to improve their coffee quality.  8:30 Positively influencing great taste in coffee 15:30 The Tim Wendelboe coffee shop experience 18:00 How Tim works with farmers around the world  27:30 Adventures in biological coffee farming in Columbia 43:20 Sustainability and transparency  Episode Transcript  Related Links Coffee Collective is changing how the world thinks about coffee More episodes on farming More episode on top Nordic foods and beverage producers Yara on green fertilizer and the hydrogen economy How a Norwegian family transitioned to regenerative farming True Gum on making a plastic-free chewing gum  For more conversations, join our community on Instagram or check out other episodes on www.nordicfoodtech.io. Like the show? Consider subscribing to our Substack for a few dollars a month (price of a coffee). Your contribution fuels the show. Sign up here.

by Nordic FoodTech