The Story of Denmark's Billion Kroner Investment Into Plant-based

In October 2021, the Danish government announced that it was allocating 1 billion kroner or 168 million euro to ramp up plant-based food production. This is one of the largest investments into plant-based by any country to date. Join me and Rune-Christoffer Dragsdahl, the Secretary General of The Vegetarian Society of Denmark, as we discuss the details of the agreement and what it means for the future. It’s not just about politics, it’s also about culture, history, and relationships. 9:30 The history and cultural significance of vegetarianism  19:00 How the Vegetarian Society of Denmark got started 42:00 Details of the agreement 56:00 Tips for other countries looking to do something similar Episode Transcript Related Links  Regenerative agriculture  How a vegan food blogger helps new plant-based products succeed ICA on shifting Sweden to more plant-based foods Why plant-based is not for all Livestock's Long Shadow report This is a listener support podcast. Your contribution of a few dollars every month enables me to produce more stories like this and share them with the world. Subscribe here. 

by Nordic FoodTech