The Fabric Source's Mie Tingsager Nielsen on farming fabrics

My guest today is Mie Tingsager Nielsen whose relationship to design and sustainability is expansive. She is a sustainable business advisor at Closed Loop and the manager of The Fabric Source, a sustainable textile library with more than 2,000 sustainable fabrics from more than 200 suppliers around the world that is focused on showcasing the latest and most innovative materials that can be applied across the fashion and textile industry. Join us as we discuss the world of farming fabrics and how textiles made from crops like cotton and hemp are not so different from the agricultural commodities we grow, harvest, and eat.   5:40 Overview of The Fabric Source  7:38 What you need to know about textiles  11:42 New technologies shifting the space 15:33 Brands leading the way 23:08 Mie's vision for the future For more conversation, join our community on Instagram and hear more episodes at 

by Nordic FoodTech