Stockholm Resilience Centre's Amanda Wood on the science-backed diet that can transform the world

In this episode, we address what we know from science when it comes to adopting diets that support a healthy, sustainable food system. My guest is Amanda Wood who is a researcher at the Stockholm Resilience Centre. Launched in 2007, the Centre's vision is to advance a world where social-ecological systems are understood, governed and managed to not only enhance human well-being, but also enable the sustainable co-evolution of human civilizations with the biosphere. Amanda was a co-author of the influential EAT Lancet report and subsequently wrote an analysis on how the Nordic food system would have to be transformed in order to meet the report's recommendations.  7:30 Five actions areas that will transform the food system 19:00 Vision for the future food system 26:50 Wishlist for change from policy makers 31:00 Research areas we're still missing to move forward 35:30 Signs that the food system is changing for the better Episode Transcript Related Links Nordic Food Policy Lab on policy’s role in supporting healthier diets Gustaf Brandberg started investing in food after visiting the Stockholm Resilience Center C40 Cities as procurement centers and levers of change Ellen MacArthur Foundation on regenerative food cities Daniel S Ruben on visions for a future food system

by Nordic FoodTech