Södertälje Municipality's Sara Jervfors on the school lunch diet for a green planet

Since 2010, Södertälje Municipality in Sweden has served public school lunches that are healthy for students and the planet. The initiative is known as Diet for a Green Planet.  Our guest today is Sara Jervfors who is the Head of the Diet Unit in Södertälje Municipality and an architect of the system. We talk about what a diet for a green planet is, how more municipalities could transform their lunches to meet these parameters, what incentives are missing to encourage such a diet, and how parents and kids have responded. 4:30 Details of the program 11:50 How kids vs parents respond to new food initiatives 15:40 The ripple effect on the community 18:30 What's missing to revive local food ecosystems 23:50 The role of politicians  This episode is part of Taste the Transition, a series of lunch conversations during the COP25 climate negotiations highlighting individuals taking climate action through food. Tell us your vision for the food system on www.nordicfoodtech.io/answer or by using the hashtag #NordicClimateAction

by Nordic FoodTech