OceanHarvest Founder Joachim Hjerl on regenerative ocean farming

Regenerative ocean farming has been identified as a key solution to climate change. It’s the practice of growing seaweed along with several kinds of shellfish like oysters and mussels not just to feed people, but also to heal the oceans. HavHøst or OceanHarvest is an NGO helping communities throughout the Nordics get set up with toolkits to grow, harvest, and eat from the sea without harming nature or existing underwater ecosystems. In this episode, Joachim Hjerl shares how a crazy idea of growing 20 oysters in Copenhagen's central harbor became a movement of blue community gardens.  7:30 An intro to regenerative ocean farming  14:30 Growing a network of community-supported farms 23:00 Working with policymakers to enable solutions  36:00 Creating a market to support supply 43:00 Cultural acceptance around new foods  If you liked this episode, check out this podcast with Hatch from Norway on innovations within aquaculture (farming in water). For more conversations, join our community on Instagram or check out other episodes on www.nordicfoodtech.io.

by Nordic FoodTech