Love matchmaker LeMarc Thomas on building strong partnerships and collaborations

My guest today is the internationally renowned love matchmaker Lemarc Thomas who is based in Stockholm. A life-long student of psychology, Lemarc learned through his studies and interactions that love is at the core of human behavior, and that helping someone become aware of how they love not only improves that individual’s life, but transforms many, if not all relationships connected to that person. In today’s conversation, we focus on the lessons that can be learned from love matchmaking when it comes to building stronger relationships and collaborations throughout the food system.  6:00 The blurred line between our professional and personal selves 7:00 Values and needs as predictors of long term relationships 22:20 The 3 layers of being in a relationship 40:00 What it means to do business with love Share your thoughts with us on Instagram @lemarcthomas and @nordicfoodtech

by Nordic FoodTech