Lakrids by Bülow's Founder on creating an iconic brand

If you’ve been to the Nordics, odds are you've tried licorice. In today’s episode, we dive into the story of the luxury licorice and chocolate company Lakrids by Bülow. Johan Bülow started cooking licorice in his mom's kitchen on the Danish island of Bornholm in 2007. Fast forward to today and they've become an iconic brand with sales in 35 countries and counting. Their mission: to make the world love licorice. This episode traces the evolution of the company, diving into valuable lessons around food entrepreneurship, branding, and sales. Episode Transcript Related Links  Coffee Collective on responsible sourcing  Vivino's startup story Oatly's Startup Story  Growing hemp on the island of Bornholm  True Gum on developing a plastic-free chewing gum  Like the show? Subscribe to our newsletter on Substack to get notified about new episodes.

by Nordic FoodTech