K Group's Heidi Jungar on sustainability in grocery retail

K Group is the 2nd biggest grocery retailer in the Finnish market. They've been celebrated for being the most sustainable trading sector company in the world by World Economic Forum and are the only Finnish company to have made it on the list every year since 2005. Despite this achievement, K Group has struggled to communicate the responsibility they’ve taken around their business practices to consumers. In this conversation, we speak with Customer Insight Director Heidi Jungar to explore how Kesko has approached this challenge including what sustainability in retail means to them, how they are taking responsibility, and what grocery shopping will look like in the future.  11:00 K Group's sustainability and conservation programs 14:25 Insights around what drives consumer buying decisions towards sustainability  19:10 How K Group gives customers their data back  21:10 K Group's vision for the future grocery store 36:00 Vision for future food system Episode Transcript Related Links How other Nordic grocery retailers are thinking about the future of food How to successfully launch new plant-based products  Dumpster diving to shed light on supermarket food waste Delås Farm on REKO Rings: the Nordic movement to buy directly from farms Coop Crowdfunding on enabling their customers to invest in food startups ICA Vaxa on developing products to shift the Swedish food system Liked this episode? Subscribe to the show for a few dollars a month to support the creation of more content like this! You’re also invited to join our community on Instagram

by Nordic FoodTech