Juno the Bakery's Noah Erhun on the resurgence of heritage grains

Noah Erhun has 8 years of experience working in artisanal bakeries in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and today in Denmark where he leads production at Juno The Bakery in Copenhagen. His expertise is in naturally leavened breads and heritage grains. In this episode, Noah takes us on a ride through time and around the world as we explore how heritage grains are making a comeback with the surprising help of Instagram. 1:20 How Noah became a baker 6:30 The resurgence of small craft bakeries 9:00 How industrialization changed the game 14:30 Instagram and the alternative grain economy  21:40 What you should know about Scandinavia's heritage grains  For more conversation, join our community on Instagram and hear more episodes at www.nordicfoodtech.io.

by Nordic FoodTech