ICA on shifting the Swedish food system

ICA is one of the biggest grocery retailers in Sweden. Every week, around 12 million people pass through their stores. Recognizing the important role they play in the everyday life of Swedes, ICA is intent on supporting the shift to a sustainable food system. A system that supports biodiversity, plant-based, and local foods. They launched ICA Växa, a new unit of the organization, to bring new products to market and connect with the startup community. Today, I speak with Jacqueline Engdahl, the Head of ICA Växa, to hear what exactly their up to.  6:00 ICA's vision for the next 100 years 8:50 Jacqueline's story 19:00 What ICA Växa does 32:00 Different pathways of getting into ICA from pitching the category manager to the store owner or co-branding with ICA's private label. Episode transcript  Links How other Nordic grocery retailers are thinking about the future of food  The 2020 Future Report that launched ICA Växa Delås Farm on what it means to be a regenerative farmer Coop Crowdfunding on enabling their customers to invest in food startups  How a vegan blog helps new products get on Sweden’s supermarket shelves Liked this episode?  Subscribe to the show for a few dollars a month to support the creation of more content like this!

by Nordic FoodTech