Hey Planet's Malena Sigurgeirsdóttir on why a vegetarian eats insects

Malena Sigurgeirsdóttir is the co-founder of Wholi Foods, which was one of the first European companies to produce products with insect protein. Their portfolio includes snack bites, crisp bread, protein bars, and an insect-based meat alternative, which premiered at Roskilde Festival.  In this episode, you’ll hear how insects are tiny, but mighty, able to fight poverty, boost nutrition, reduce pollution, and combat climate change. Malena gives us the inside scoop on how they solved her own health issues and why soon they may not feel like such a novel food.   4:30 The avocado of insects 5:15 How Wholi Foods was started 12:40 Insects vs beef in taste, sustainability, and nutrition 18:50 Vegans, vegetarians, and flexitarians take on insects 29:10 Why the western world needs insects in their diet For more conversation, join our community on Instagram and hear more episodes at www.nordicfoodtech.io.

by Nordic FoodTech