Dr. Mikelis Grivins on foraging and the black market for wild foods

Listen again. Foraging exists in a delicate balanace with nature. If we take too much, it can lead to environmental degradation. At the same time, it survives as a cultural tradition and a key way families put food on the table. My guest today is Dr. Mikelis Grivins a researcher at the Baltic Studies Center. In this episode, we discuss the four kinds of foragers commonly seen in Europe, the ethics of foraging, and the black market that exists around wild foods. 4:00 Overview of alternative food systems are important 17:00 4 types of foragers across Europe 20:20 Exploitation, transparency & regulation in the wild food market 25:00 Wild washing Episode Transcript Links Artist Alexandra Genis on why all foods are artificial Using blockchain to trace food from farm to fork  The chef preserving Iceland’s food traditions The Importance of Microbes in the Greenlandic Diet Regenerative agriculture and our connection with nature This episode was first released in February 2020 with the support of the Nordic Council of Minister’s Office in Latvia. Like the show? Support more stories like this by contributing a few dollars a month. You can do so here.

by Nordic FoodTech