Delås Farm on regenerative agriculture and REKO rings

In 2017, Camilla and Raymund were trying to get the best food possible to feed their family. Realizing that food is tightly linked with health, they were looking for high-quality, nutrient-dense foods, but actually struggled to find it in Norwegian grocery stores. So, they decided to start growing their own food. This is the story of how they traded city life and taught themselves how to farm according to regenerative principles. 5:00 How Camilly and Raymund started farming 12:20 What regenerative agriculture is and how it works 23:00 Norway's farming capacity  27:00 How Reko Rings directly connect consumers and farmers 52:00 Advice for farming and the cost of getting started Episode Transcript Related Links More conversations on the future of farming Why Tim Wendelboe became a farmer Yara on the future of fertilizer  More interviews on solving food waste  Top interviews from Norway Like the show? Help keep the Nordic FoodTech Podcast running by becoming a subscriber here. 

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