Chufly Import’s Ramon Escobar on how drinking wine can lead to economic prosperity in Bolivia and beyond

My guest today is Ramon Escobar, the founder of Chufly Imports, which curates, imports, and markets a portfolio of premium wine and spirits from the world's lesser-developed countries. Their mission is to drive transformative socio-economic development in local economies by expanding market access, promoting social mobility, and fostering economic diversification. During our episode today, we’ll talk about how Ramon arrived at this business model from his background in diplomacy, economics and international affairs. We will particularly focus on Bolivia’s five-century old wine-making tradition. This is a friendly warning that this episode will likely give you very strong wanderlust and is best enjoyed while drinking a glass of wine. 9:10 The impossibility of Bolivia making wine 20:30 How drinking wine from developing nations leads to economic development and prosperity 25:00 Ramon’s vision for the future of food 29:00 How to check if your business model is having a positive impact For more conversations, join our community on Instagram or check out other episodes on Your host, Analisa Winther, always appreciates hearing your feedback, thoughts, and key takeaways!

by Nordic FoodTech