Chr. Hansen's Julien Biolley on building their microbial platform and working with startups

Julien Biolley heads up the Marketing and Business Development activities for Chr. Hansen’s Food Cultures & Enzymes in North America. Chr. Hansen is a bioscience company that develops natural ingredient solutions for the food, nutritional, pharmaceutical, and agricultural industries. Chr. Hansen's product innovation is based on their microbial platform, which consists of about 40,000 microbial strains or what they call "good bacteria," which can be used to solve global challenges such as food waste, global health, and the overuse of antibiotics and pesticides. In this episode, we discuss their 2025 strategy, how they are partnering with different stakeholders in the food ecosystem from Noma's former Head of Fermentation David Zilber to startups, and the many potential applications and innovations surrounding microbes and fermentation.  3:10 What is good bacteria? 13:00 How do startup partnerships happen? 20:30 What is your 2025 strategy? 28:00 How do you do new product development? 40:00 How does Chr. Hansen define sustainability? Episode Transcript Related Links and Episodes More corproate innovation interviews Chromologic’s on producing natural colors with fermentation Oatly’s Founder on how it took 20 years to find success How to successfully launch new plant-based products How microbes are fueling the Greenlandic Diet Revolutions Arla is using blockchain to track their milk Liked this episode?  Subscribe to the show for a few dollars a month to support the creation of more content like this! For more conversations, join our community on Instagram or check out other episodes on 

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