Carlsberg's Tenna Skov Thorsted on sustainability and the Together Towards Zero program

Carlsberg’s Together Towards Zero program consists of four major ambitions - ZERO carbon footprint, ZERO water waste, ZERO irresponsible drinking, and a ZERO accidents culture. Tenna Skov Thorsted leads Carlsberg Denmark’s sustainability efforts. Her job is to ensure that these targets are met and that they create value. Join us as Tenna shares how sustainability at Carlsberg works in practice and how they collaborate to get there. 4:00 The organizational structure of sustainability 6:30 The Together Towards Zero campaign 12:00 Where ideas come from 16:00 Examples around water and packaging 35:00 Carlsberg Research Laboratory For more conversations, join our community on Instagram or check out other episodes on Your host, Analisa Winther, always appreciates hearing your feedback, thoughts, and key takeaways!

by Nordic FoodTech