Bård Jervan on why tourism needs food

Bård Jervan is a Senior Partner at Mimir. He was deeply involved in writing and developing the new Norwegian national Tourism Strategy for 2030. A cornerstone of the report is centered around food in tourism and how it connects to economic development. It's also a way to preserve culture, protect natural resources, and trace history. Today, we dive into what sustainable tourism is, why the context of a meal matters, the best places to visit in Norway, why seafood is a major opportunity, and the Nordics as a gastronomic destination.  Episode Transcript  Related Links More interviews on food & tourism  Norway’s Tourism Strategy for 2030 Climate change and the development of a Nordic wine region A foodie roatrip around Iceland by Chef Gunnar Karl Gíslason Opportunities around Norwegian seaweed More interviews from Norway Like the show? Help keep the Nordic FoodTech Podcast running by becoming a subscriber here.

by Nordic FoodTech