Aquaporin on using nature's genius to solve the water crisis

Water is key because we cannot live without it. We needed to nurture and water our crops and to manufacture all kinds of different things. In today's episode, we explore the future of water as it relates to agriculture and life on Earth. My guest is Peter Holme Jensen, who is the Chief Innovation Officer of Aquaporin. They have developed an innovative technology to treat and filter water on an industrial scale. The design is based on how our bodies naturally filter water through something called an aquaporin protein. In this episode, we dive into Aquaporin's approach to innovation and how they have built a business based on biomimicry or the science of applying nature's genius to solve human problems. We also get into the science behind Aquaporin’s technology, why watter matters, and the company's startup story since it was founded in 2005. Episode Transcript  Related Links  Book: The Age of Living Machines Aquaporin's publication in Science that started it all  Carlsberg on sustainability and water in food production Chr Hansen on the world of enzymes  Chromologics on fermenting natural colors Spinning out research into a business DTU on desiging university innovation environments Liked this episode?  Subscribe to the show for a few dollars a month to support the creation of more content like this!

by Nordic FoodTech