Almi Invest's Karin Ebbinghaus on investing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Almi Invest is Sweden’s most active startup investor. With 3 billion SEK under management, they make about 50 new investments each year and have invested in 660 companies overall, some of which have been acquired by Google, Microsoft, and Apple or IPOed at a billion kroner level on the stock market.  Join us as we speak with investment manager Karin Ebbinghaus about Almi's GreenTech fund, which only invests in companies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The fund has about 650 million SEK under management or 60 million euro. Listen in as we talk about: 3:50 Almi's investment thesis  15:10 What a GreenTech model looks  17:35 How to measure a GreenTech model's impact 21:20 How Almi's GreenTech fund fits into Swedens' national strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 30:10 Almi's vision for FoodTech ecosystem in 10-15 years

by Nordic FoodTech