Alexandra Genis on designing food for a post-agriculture age

Alexandra Genis is an artist and the principal designer at TAS2R, a Food Design Studio in Berlin propagating Gastro-Intestinal Science-Fiction. She uses food as a biochemical and visual tool to transmit challenging ideas about ecology, innovation and science. Her projects seek to reframe human perception around what an edible substance is as well as challenge our consumption behaviors. In this episode, we look at the power of art and design to realize new possibilities.  1:50 The Atoma project, turning individual molecules into spices 2:48 The complexity of flavor and the limits of what we can taste 10:45 The importance of artificial foods in a post-agricultural age  22:00 Other projects Alexandra's worked on  24:00 Vision for the future food system Episode Transcript Related Links Video of 3D Printed Flavor Molecules Coffee Collective on the complex, delicious taste of coffee Europe’s black market for wild foods Climate change and producing wine in the Nordics Eating insects is an ancient tradition, but it’s a novel food in the EU Nick’s using high tech to make guilt-free treats Never miss an episode. Subscribe to the podcast newsletter here. This podcast was recorded live at the Future of Food Hackathon in Riga, Latvia and is supported by the Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture. For more conversation, join our community on Instagram and hear more episodes at

by Nordic FoodTech