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01:09:36 2022-08-10
Sound Design and soundtracks make or break a movie. Meanwhile Pokemon has a lot of options for what game to play, Which is the best? DnD Has lots of classes, Which are best and which are the worst?
01:04:31 2022-08-03
Some movie themes tend to come back again and again. Changing events in the past could Be crazy, what would you change? My 20 Month DnD Campaign has ended, and today we go over the boss Fight!
01:09:09 2022-07-26
We recorded the first half of this episode on time. The second half was recorded about time. Some movies are overrated, some are okay, some are about Time Travel, and some are just eh. DnD has levels, so does a cake, we put this episode in 6 months ago, j...
01:09:53 2022-07-21
Why do some eSports get more views? What could others do to improve? What makes certain movie adaptations better than others? Staying Faithful to the source, or straying away from it? And How do you run BBEGs in your campaigns? Spells, no spells, Stick to...
01:10:56 2022-07-13
Guest today!! ExLon takes the stage while Sapphi takes a week off! We talk about Cartoons (the good kind), Magic systems and their boundries, and finish it up with some Life Talk (The kind about dying in DnD). 
00:55:21 2022-07-06
Sometimes things take longer than expected. When they do, People think they will be much better than normal. Is this fair? Who knows. Min/Maxing can be a problem in TTRPGs, but does it have to be? What are the most powerful classes? Lets Find out!!! ...
00:53:52 2022-06-27
RWBY is a western anime that recently received an Eastern version. It's alright if you've seen RWBY, but probably confusing if you haven't. It has Tropes in it, but so does DnD. That's not always a bad thing though. 
00:52:37 2022-06-21
Avatar has endured the test of time, and will continue. Find out why! DnD has some issues in it's level curve, we solve them as well.
00:51:29 2022-06-14
Today we look at Transformers, and Gold! Along with Pokemon. Please keep the Cat on all 4s.
00:51:43 2022-06-06
Sometimes the movies are just bad. Sometimes the books they are based off are very good and the movies are still bad. Today we talk about some of those movies and some of those books. Also MMOs. Because they tend to suck too.
00:52:58 2022-05-30
We do like movies (Sometimes), I promise! However, we don't like everything. Smallville season 1 is a show that is as old as us, and almost as annoying.
01:02:28 2022-05-23
Good movies can be bad, Bad business ventures could be in order, MMOs are falling off, and DnD Can be online.
01:03:15 2022-05-21
Pinzo and Sapphi take the listeners on an adventure through bad movies, worse takes, DnD knowledge, and general nerdiness.