MIT ZigZag

Video podcast featuring the diversity of the MIT experience bringing you stories on a range of subjects ranging from technical innovations, to student life, sports, and hacks; capturing the essence of what makes MIT tick. ZigZag is produced by MIT Academic Media Production Services (AMPS). Subscribe to the RSS feed to receive regular updates.

6:17 2007-06-12
Learn how entrepreneurship is at the core of the MIT culture. From the 100K Competition, Deshpande Center, Enterprise Forum, Venture Mentoring Service and more, see how students, faculty, and alumni are part of the ecosystem.
6:28 2007-04-17
Travel to Brazil with students from MIT's innovative D-Lab program. Learn about sustainable development, engage in community building projects in Sao Paulo and Canuana, Tocantins. Along the way, play soccer in the middle of a Brazilian highway.
5:56 2007-02-15
Catch a glimpse of the MIT freshman experience through conversations between Matt McGann and five students who represent the diversity and energy of the MIT class of 2010.
8:10 2006-12-19
Test drive the future of automotive transportation with the ultra-efficient ethanol boosted gasoline engine, start something at the Friday After Thanksgiving Chain Reaction, and find out what students are planning for January's Independent Activities Peri...
6:25 2006-11-21
Strike a balance between academics and sports with the Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation (DAPER), sample an exemplar of MIT Comparative Media Studies' New Media Literacies Project, and learn what MIT students are thankful for as T...
7:08 2006-10-23
Zigzag through just a few of the energy-related activities and research initiatives going on around campus. Check out Energy Night at the MIT Museum, find out about an exciting new energy storage device, the nanotechnology-enhanced ultracapacitor, and rol...