Marketing Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

Join Stacy Jones, the CEO and founder of Hollywood Branded, a Los Angeles branded pop culture partnerships agency specializing in product placement, celebrities and influencer marketing. Learn from her 25 years of experience as she shares advice and insights, and interviews experts on a wide range of how-to-do business and marketing topics. With over 250 episodes recorded since 2017, the podcast series is positioned for entrepreneurs, brand marketers and agencies to learn best practices from, and better ways to run their companies. Learn both the ‘magic sauce’ to finding success, and the mistakes that should be avoided along the way.

21:12:20 2022-11-22
In this episode, Stacy talks to you about even more ways that tech brands can leverage content marketing to help drive brand awareness and trigger sales.
21:36:18 2022-11-16
In today's episode, Stacy and Mark Crawford who is the partner of TechMeetsTrader chat about how to make sure your brand is able to be discovered completely through third-party validation from information that exists online and not some information you pu...
21:15:10 2022-11-10
With the recent growth of our agency, it's important that we are all working together. In this episode you will learn what makes a good blog and why they can be so beneficial for your business!
21:43:09 2022-11-02
In this episode, Stacy and Darell Amy who is a growth strategist of Revenue Growth Engine chat about sales, challenges for companies, the marketing mistakes to avoid, and how to double revenue by following two strategies getting new clients and cross-sell...
21:32:10 2022-10-27
In this episode, Stacy and Maureen Falvey who is a Leadership Coach and Consultant of Strong Training and Coaching chat about how individuals and teams can reach their full potential through building strong relationships and effective leadership.
21:48:35 2022-10-19
In this episode, Stacy and Larry who is the founder of TheSponsorshipGuy are going to discuss many of the mistakes events make, and pursuing brands for sponsorship, and how to do so better. 
21:23:13 2022-10-12
In this episode, Stacy and Ana who is the head of marketing of ManyChat talk about how to reposition your digital marketing, to convert by leveraging content and events to scale your reach. 
21:41:20 2022-10-04
In this episode, Stacy and Gary Frey who is the Connector of BGW CPA talk about how you can become an effective leader to generate business growth and develop a truly successful brand.
21:42:46 2022-09-27
In this episode, Stacy and Andy Buyting who is the Founder and CEO of Tulip Media Group chat about the importance of integrated sales and marketing strategies and a few very easy effective marketing tactics to truly fuel and drive Revenue growth.
21:47:31 2022-09-22
In this episode, Stacy and Gee Ranasinha who is the CEO of Kexino talk about why effective marketing today is in crisis.
21:34:51 2022-09-13
In this episode, Stacy and Rishabh Jain who is the CEO of Fermat Commerce talk about the secret sauce behind the paid media. 
21:35:51 2022-09-06
In today’s episode, Stacy and Scott Gatz who is the CEO and founder of Q.Digital talk about how brands can better and more authentically connect with the LGBTQ+ community.
21:22:36 2022-08-30
In this episode, Stacy and Brooke who is the Executive Director of Threeby3 talk about how to transform organizations by evolving from tactical lead generation into a strategic marketing methodology aligned with broader business goals. 
21:34:56 2022-08-24
In today’s episode, Stacy sits down with Zack Slingsby, the founder of Human Factor Media, to discuss how he uses branded content as an effective marketing tool for his company - which specializes in crafting stories. 
21:39:13 2022-08-16
In today's episode, Stacy and Roy Gefen, the CEO of AccessiBe, to talk about what marketing strategies work best to empower growth.
21:35:28 2022-08-09
In today's episode, Stacy sits down with Keaton, the founder and CEO of Perpetual Motion Marketing, to discuss about the importance of social media for a brand.
21:32:48 2022-08-02
In today's episode, Stacy sits down with Nima Gardideh, the co-founder and president of Pearmill, to discuss where to start when approaching experimenting with growth marketing.
21:23:54 2022-07-26
In today's episode, Stacy sits down with Dave Fink, the founder and CEO of Postie, to discuss how to employ direct mail marketing to catapult your brand in today's ever-changing digital landscape. 
21:41:24 2022-07-18
In today's episode, Stacy sits down with Erik Jensen, the co-owner and Chief Strategy Officer of PredictiveROI, to discuss how to approach thought leadership marketing in order to monetize it. 
21:23:15 2022-07-13
In today's episode, Stacy sits down with Meredith Kallaher, a digital advertising expert, to discuss how to best craft multifunctional digital ads. 
21:23:15 2022-07-05
In today's episode, Stacy and Shaun Clark who is the Co-Founder of Go High Level discussed how the future for agencies is to be technology solution provider that works hand in hand on helping their clients grow their brands.
21:25:50 2022-06-28
In this episode, Stacy and Tim Parkin who is the president of Parkin Consulting talk about marketing performance results. You'll learn how to get the best, better, and faster marketing performance results with the help of your own marketing team!  ...
21:32:13 2022-06-21
In today's episode, Stacy and William Perry who is the founder of Elite Media Buyers Academy discussed different ways to unlock your business growth and shared insights on what strategies work best for businesses to have more success in advertising ...
21:32:13 2022-06-14
In this episode, Stacy sits down with JJ Reynolds who is the marketing analytics of Media Authentic. The two discussed about the importance of data in your company tools that will help you understand data better and how it can all help improve your overal...
21:23:57 2022-06-01
In this episode, Stacy sits down with Alexa who is founder of Thynktank Coaching. She has a Ph.D. in business and has helped over 300 clients generate over $5 billion insales The two talk about the different techniques that you can use for scaling a succe...
21:38:42 2022-05-25
In today's episode, Stacy and Chris, founder of talk about the best practices of behavior-based analytics in analytics.  Chris also shares some techniques and tools for managing a sales pipeline and customer journey effectively ...
21:32:32 2022-05-17
In today's episode, Stacy and Kenny Gray, founder of Grayt Media dive into the world of digital marketing and how to scale. They talk about how to get the highest ROI for your brand, and making sure you're heard from across all channels in this fast-paced...
21:27:58 2022-05-11
In today’s episode, Orsolya Herbein is here to talk all about how to properly build a brand. She shares the importance of building a brand that speaks to the desires and values of your customer. We discuss where some businesses need help with their bran...
21:22:19 2022-05-02
In this episode, Bryan and Stacy talk about how to create an employer brand strategy that your employees will love. They also discuss some common mistakes brands make when they think too much like a consumer and not enough about their team's needs! ...
21:36:13 2022-04-27
In this episode, Sean Doyle walks us through the 9 best practices for marketing and the psychology behind marketing and sales. He helps us to understand consumer behavior and how to properly reward customers through a funnel. Buying is a behavior that Sea...
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