We #ChooseToChallenge - Our first KIC POD LIVE

In today's episode of KIC Pod Steph and Laura are joined by three very special guests in celebration of IWD, Moana Hope, Allira Potter & Victoria Devine. Bringing you KIC Pod's first ever live recording, it was a pleasure chatting with Moana, Allira and Victoria around what International Women's Day means to them, the importance of #choosetochallenge and their personal experiences navigating life as a women. KIC SPECIAL SHARES:Steph - In May 2020, women’s full time adult average weekly ordinary time earnings were 86% of that of men. This ratio is the same as that in May 2019. This represents a gender pay gap (GPG) of 14%. Laura - In 2019-20, managers are almost twice as likely to be men (61.4%) than women (38.6%). Only 18% of CEO positions are held by women. Allira - Confidence Feels Like Shit - Book by Erika Cramer Victoria - Lean In - Book by Sheryl SandbergMoana - Cathy Freeman Documentary To check out the M·A·C Cosmetics range head to www.maccosmetics.com.au and @maccosmeticsaustraliaSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.