The power of mindset and finding happiness with Em Carey

With World Happiness Day quickly approaching, Steph and Laura took the opportunity to chat with ray of sunshine Em Carey also known as 'the girl who fell from the sky'. After becoming paralysed from the waist down when her parachute didn't open whilst skydiving, Em had to learn to walk again. Although in an irreversible situation, Em didn't let this stop her. In this chat she shares her journey after her accident and her tips on how to find happiness and have strength in the most uncontrollable of situations. Our happiness is in own hands and Em wants to remind you that even though the problem might not go away, you have the power to change the way you look at it. This chat serves as a reminder to shift the focus off of what you don’t have onto what you DO have and to have faith in your own strength. SPECIAL GUESTEmma Carey SPECIAL SHARESSteph - Disney's Encanto Laura - The Daily Podcast Want to KIC it with us IRL? There are still tickets available for our Melbourne and Brisbane KICTOUR events. So head to our website and grab your tickets now!SPONOSR SHOUTOUT This episode is brought to you by adidas. The new Ultraboost 22 has landed - designed by women, for women. You can shop the Adidas Ultraboost 22 via the Adidas app, instore or online at for privacy information.