Taking control of your fertility with Nicole Liu

With infertility impacting 1 in 6 Australian couples, Steph & Laura chat with Nicole Liu co-founder of Kin Fertility. Nicole shares how her misdiagnosis with PCOS sparked her passion for women’s health and fertility. We explore the sex-ed conversations we SHOULD be having at school, how to understand and take control of your fertility and the common misconceptions associated with contraception and reproduction. Use the code KIC20 for 20% off the Fertility Hormone Test and all contraception, pregnancy and postpartum with Kin Fertility. SPECIAL GUEST Nicole Liu, co-founder of Kin Fertility SPECIAL SHARES Steph: Anxiety Relief Meditation via the KIC app Laura: Morning Wars season two on Apple TV+ SPECIAL MENTIONS KIC Party SPONSOR SHOUTOUT Shop T2's stunning cup and saucer sets, tea brewing tools and tea infuser sets in-store and online at www.T2tea.com.auSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.