Sobriety, adult acne & building confidence with Olivia Molly McKeone

This week we welcome back to the KICPOD the wonderful Olivia Molly McKeone (née Rogers). Olivia has been making waves in both her personal and professional life. From launching her first book, to partnering with some incredible brands, to dealing with adult acne and discovering the flow on effects of her sobriety, Olivia opens up about it all.Her success however hasn’t been without moments of self doubt and she chats with Steph and Laura on how she’s dealt with self doubt and how she’s built up her confidence and self belief. She also generously shares her tips for anyone else who might find themselves struggling. SPECIAL GUEST:Olivia Molly McKeone SPECIAL SHARES:Steph - Everything I Know About Love on StanLaura - Halftime J Lo Documentary on Netflix KIC UPDATES:Join the live Power Pilates workout with Laura & Leo Monday 27 June @ 7:00am AEST. Learn how to join this workout here. SPONSOR SHOUTOUT:Shop La Roche-Posay’s range of skincare at for privacy information.